We are excited to update the community on changes to the mobile platform, funded with a Legal Services Corporation Technology Innovation Grant in partnership with Legal Assistance of Western New York and LawHelpNY. Through this project we have added three new functions to the mobile platform, several changes to the layout as well as additional improvements and bug fixes. These are most notable on the homepage and the organizational listing page.


Original Homepage Layout 


New Homepage Layout


Original Organization Listing    


New Organizational Listing

As illustrated through this screenshot, through this project we were able to add three new major components to the mobile site:

  1. New multilingual capacity on the LawHelp mobile platform.

This allows allow users to access a Spanish-Language mirror site through two navigation elements- “Switch to Spanish” on the bottom bar as well as the “ES” button in the top right hand corner.  This feature will be open for replication once the current TIG-funded pilot project is complete.

  1. LiveHelp capacity on the LawHelp mobile platform.

This allows users to navigate with real-time support from a chat navigator on the mobile site.  This feature will be open for replication once the current TIG-funded pilot project is complete.

  1. New options to spotlight content on the homepage.

Admins can now add text, links or other materials from the homepage through one or more expandable sections or from a new button called “More Resources”.  The “More Resources” options allows admins to bypass the topic/subtopic navigation flow to surface specific text or a set of highly curated content. Both options are now available to mobile-site admins. To enable them, please contact support@lawhelp.org.

This code push included several improvements to the site layout as well:

  • Users can access the Spanish Mirror site (when enabled) through a link at the very bottom of the page, and through a small box on the header.

  • Similarly, users can access the LiveChat function (when enabled) through a link on the homepage, and in the blue navigation menu.

  • Additionally, users can email any page of the site (not just the resource/organizational profiles) by clicking on the email icon in the blue navigation menu.

  • Finally, changes to the layout of the organizational listings now allow users to view the basic contact information for an organization directly from the organizational listing through a collapsible treatment.

More subtle styling changes were also implemented in this roll out.  In particular, the green menu bar is wider, the subtopic list of resources and organizations has additional space between the results, and text in the information page (i.e.: “About Us”) is now displayed using a similar collapsable treatment. This new layout also solves many of the issues reported on FireFox and Safari browsers, where lines of text would break in different places on the mobile site.

There were several other improvements and bug fixes that were also implemented.  These include:

  • Suppressing the Table of Contents on mobile resources.

  • Implemented the “Email Resource” option on resources with only PDF attachments.

  • Fixing a bug that was preventing the Email Resource/Call Back option from functioning.

Admins can choose to implement all, some or none of the new features.  The changes to the layout and the other improvements, however, impact all sites.

If you have a mobile site in development, or have further questions about how these changes may impact your site, or how to take advantage of LawHelp’s mobile platform, in general do not hesitate to contact xkarsten@probono.net or support@lawhelp.org.