Many states require that users input a zip code to search their legal directory.  Some states have so many resources, it is necessary to request locations before viewing their legal information.

Although there are some situations in which having this intermediary screen is really helpful (for example, when a user is trying to find a nearby office), there are other times when you may not want this screen.  For instance, when you are running a broken link check and the link checker cannot get to the content behind this intermediary screen.

It’s really easy to turn off the “Set Location” requirement from your admin dashboard.


First, log into the dashboard, and go to Channels under Setup.

Select the channel you want to modify.  You can either click on the name of the channel, or the edit icon (the pencil and paper).

At the bottom of the edit box, you will see an check box next to “Prompt for a location when viewing this channel”.

By checking or unchecking this box, you can turn this function on or off.

You may notice that it will take a few minutes for the feature to turn off completely. Don’t panic.  If it takes more than 15-20 minutes, email us at