Understanding your LawHelp website’s traffic and traffic sources is an important part of administering your site; it can help you with reporting to stakeholders, analyzing your site’s content, identifying problem areas, and thinking through site improvements.

That’s why we’ve created the Google Analytics Toolkit for LawHelp administrators. As part of a four part blog series, we will cover what can be found in this new resource. This first post will serve as an introduction to the Toolkit and the following posts will cover the Toolkit’s three main sections: Standard reports/information in Google Analytics, finding statistics for grant reports in GA, and customizing Google Analytics.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Analytics, a good starting place in the Toolkit is the video we’ve created on the Toolkit’s homepage. It serves as a general, guided tour of what can be found in Google Analytics. We offer a more detailed look at GA in the Standard reports and Customizing Google Analytics sections of the Toolkit (which we will cover in our forthcoming posts).

After you’ve familiarized yourself with Google Analytics, you may want to check-out how to determine your data needs and how you can use Google Analytics. For example – who will be using your data? What do they need to see? What data will be most useful to them?  What information can they use to make decisions around your site? From this, you can begin to understand which analytics you should focus in on.

And if you’re beginning to feel like a Google Analytics pro – be sure to look at the Google Analytics related LH3 blog posts and additional resources we’ve included in the Toolkit!

As always, with any additional question – or feedback – please share them with us at support@lawhelp.org