October saw some major changes to our mobile platform, and steady work on our main site.  On the mobile front, admins will notice the following improvements:

  • Added zip code filter option for resource channels.

  • Added a validation screen to the “Email Resource” form and the Feedback Form

  • Added “English Mobile” to the Language FIlter in the Resources Manager

We also fixed some bugs on the mobile platform:

  • Fixed a bug allowing blank subtopics to display.

  • Fixed a bug accepting out of state zip codes onto the site.

  • Fixed an automatic redirect bug, so users accessing the full site on their mobile device stay on the full site.

  • Fixed a bug causing the page title to display incorrectly in desktop browsers.

  • Fixed a bug causing jump links and related resource links to open to the full site.

  • Fixed a bug causing subtopics to display more than once.

  • Fixed a bug causing organization descriptions to display inconsistently on the site.

  • Fixed a bug causing organizational email addresses to display a 404 error message.

  • Fixed a bug causing URL’s to display on one line, rather than wrap to two lines on the mobile screen.

If you have additional questions, or would like to create a mobile version of your state site, please look at our documentation, and feel free to contact me at xkarsten@probono.net, or support@lawhelp.org.

October also saw improvements on the LH3 site.  Of major impact to those states using categories heavily, we lengthened the amount of time the platform provided to save your category list.  We also added numbers in the category manager so admins can more easily maintain long category lists.

This month we fixed several widget bugs, including one that was preventing us from consistently creating HTML widgets in the webtop and was causing an error when admins changed the ordering criteria for content pages. Additionally, in states that use the “View Legal Directory A-Z” as their default organizational view, we fixed a bug that was preventing the A-Z listing in their navigation bar from displaying when users navigated to this page from the resource view. We also:

  • Fixed a bug preventing admins from changing a resource’s default language.

  • Fixed a bug preventing two cities and one county from displaying correctly in Minnesota’s set location field.

On the National Side, we updated two states on our Spanish National Map and fixed a bug that was causing 404 errors when clicking on the “More News” link.  As is typical, our tech team also provided several content and usage reports to our partners.  If you need a report, please contact us 10 days prior to when you need the report, and provide us with the date range and requested fields

If you have any questions about these improvements please contact me at xkarsten@probono.net or support@lawhelp.org.