Now that we have stepped through each of the “Forgotten” Resource Modules, the Resource Links, Alerts and Events, as well as HTML, FAQ and Audio.  Now lets turn to content rich resources, putting all of these resources together.

One state that makes extensive use of multiple modules to showcase their resources is Washington LawHelp.  For most resources, they include not only the resource itself (as a download, link, video etc) but also related links to other factsheets on their site.  This serves as one of the many navigation tools so users can located the resources most useful to them.  Washington LawHelp also uses the HTML module extensively, users can see the attachment content easily.  The extensive use of jump links, enabling navigation within the HTML module itself, keeps the resource simple enough for users to easily interface with the information.  This “one stop shop” approach within resources is particularly useful for users who save resources or email them to themselves, friends and family.

LawHelpMN pairs their audio modules with written attachments to address issues faced by users whose native languages are primarily oral, rather than written.  For instance, this resource is in the Hmong language, one that was traditionally oral, and whose speakers may face additional barriers to accessing written language, in both English and Hmong.  This resource provides an audio recording of the resource that can be played online as well as an attachment of the PDF version of the content.   The audio format allows low literacy users who may be utilizing older computers, a mobile device, or have internet bandwidth restrictions, access to multimedia content.

10-28-2013 2-53-51 PMFinally, as part of an LSC TIG grant with LASNNY, LawHelpNY and Pro Bono Net,  ten plain language guides- highlighting general legal information- were created and posted to  One guide- “Overview of Legal Services Statewide Websites” is currently available as a video as well. The full length guide, along with a downloadable attachment and the video are all featured in one resource along with Resource Links to a few other relevant guides.  This is available in English and Spanish (the written guides are also available in 3 other languages) and is open to adaptation for other statewide websites.

So, take the content module challenge- how many types of media can you use in one module, and maintain the usefulness of the resource? Let us know at