August and September saw some major changes to the LawHelp national homepage, on both the English and Spanish sides, as well as improvements to the platform as a whole.

  • You can see three new editable text boxes now showing on the national map page, providing additional in-context resources for page users.

  • On the Spanish side, there are also additional slides that show in the hero bar, creating a slideshow effect highlighting hot topics and resources..

  • Users can now share, email or print resources featured on the site.

  • For users navigating the site, there is a new LiveHelp button on the Spanish side, and the color on the mirror site labels has changed, to make them more visible.

  • On the back end, the team completed styling on the sites content pages.

This work on was funded by a TIG grant to the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York.

On the statewide LH3 platform, we have created a way to sort links in the header navigation bar (where your “About Us/Site Help/ect” is located).

In the last release we created a way to suppress the “View by Service Area” option in the Organizational View of your site, and this time around we suppressed the drop down menu on the “Find a Lawyer” navigation button when only one option is available.

We also changed the rule governing when Resource Descriptions appear.  The rule had been that when there is one resource, unless it is an HTML, the description would show in the resource itself.  Where the resource is an HTML resource, it doesn’t appear because the HTML module provides enough context to the resource that it isn’t necessary.  As more and more states create content rich resources, the rule needed to change because descriptions were not appearing where there was more than one module. The rule now reads that the description will show unless there is a HTML module.

Bug fixes

We also fixed a number of bugs, including:

  • A bug that prevented the first channel from expanding in certain situations.

  • A bug preventing some of the unlaunched states from creating a resources with attachments

Other activity

Three states also launched in September, and the tech team provided several grant and content related reports to state partners.