September was a big month for LawHelp3 site launches.  We welcomed three state sites onto the new platform- Oregon, Nevada and Micronesia.  Each site has taken advantage of different features of the platform.  Micronesia has all but one Legal Directory View suppressed, allowing their users the simplest view of their organizational listing.  This is incredibly helpful for states with under 20 legal services agencies.  Oregon went through a massive review and restructuring of their categories, to harness the changes in category functionality from LH2 to LH3.  Nevada did a tremendous content review of their resources, spending time reviewing their content items highlighted on their site.  Congratulations to all these sites, and their teams, for making these launches happen.

Also launched in September was the Texas DIY Divorce MiniPortal.  This site offering allows users to view a curated set of resources and organizations- in Texas’ case, highlighting their interactive forms, providing additional instructions to Pro-Se litigants, and highlighting their state content with two dynamic content widgets. This miniportal also provides a video overview, and links to additional helpful videos.  Texas joins Georgia and Washington DC in utilizing the miniportals, and we look forward to announcing additional miniportals launches in the upcoming months!

Congratulations again to all the admins working so hard on these projects!