Last week, Pro Bono Net staff attended the “Strategic Uses of Google Analytics” webinar. There were some useful takeaways from this presentation that can also be applied to your LawHelp site.

Creating custom dashboards

Presenters discussed how custom dashboards can be used to help customize Google Analytics to your needs by pulling the most relevant information to your Google Analytics homepage. Some examples of dashboard widgets highlighted were pageviews and unique pageviews, top 5 publications by page views, and average visit duration. LawHelp admins may want to consider creating dashboards with similar data. For ideas and more details on how to create custom dashboards, stay tuned as we prepare more resources for our LawHelp admins.


Producing action items for your site based on data

Another important takeaway is to use Google Analytics to produce action items to improve your site. For example, one could monitor pageviews of resources on their LawHelp3 site, and use the data to make informed decisions about which content to surface on their homepage through widgets. Emphasis was only placed on developing an action plan for site improvement based off of Google Analytics.

For any questions about Google Analytics, please feel free to reach out to