Summer is over halfway over, and the tech team has done substantial work improving the site. Of particular note- there have been several changes to the navigation controls (see Improvements), and fixes to the set location feature on the site (see Bugs).

At the very bottom of this release you will find release notes for the mobile platform.  As we continue to work on the mobile platform, you will see updates and release notes in their own section at the end of our regularly scheduled release notes.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email


There have been many improvements to the site over the last few months.  These include:

  • The Find a Lawyer navigation URLS are now location specific.  When sending a link to a list of legal aid agencies, users no longer need to re-enter their zip code.

  • Added the text “Back to” in front of the topic navigation label to help users navigate back to the full subtopic list.

  • Changed “Print” to “Print Friendly” on the menu bar, to clarify the options functionality.

  • We can now add links in the header/footer of your site that go directly to an external page (such as your Survey Monkey).  These pages no longer need be displayed in a flexible content page.  Please contact for more information or to request a header link configuration.

  • Our work to monitor and enhance performance continues, and LH3’s speed continues to be much improved since our work in this area this spring. If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact

  • Updated several statewide website links on the national home page.

  • Admins can now delete categories that have resources assigned to them.  It will not impact the resource, except that they will no longer be assigned to the deleted category.

  • The tech team continues to work on creating externally embeddable widgets for LawHelp.  This new feature was funded through a TIG project with Minnesota and is currently only available on LawHelpMN. We hope to release it to all sites late summer.  In this most recent release, the team fixed bugs preventing the author and tag filters from working. This also fixed a bug that prevented the channel filter from returning new and modified results and HTML content types.  Five for one- zing!


Over the past few months we have also created several reports for various states, including Colorado, New York, Minnesota and California.  These were used for both official reports to funders as well as for content management purposes.  To obtain these reports on your site, please contact with the purpose of the request, as well as the information and specific fields you are requesting.  Please submit your request at least 2 weeks before you need the information.


  • Several sites have reported issues where their updates to organizational profiles or resources are not reflected on their site.  This is caused by a problem with the Solr Indexing cache. Although the symptoms have been addressed, the tech team continues to work on resolving the underlying issue.

  • Fixed several bugs related to the Set Location feature:

    • LH3 did not recognize isolated zip codes in organizational profiles

    • Set Location displayed results for erroneous zip codes

    • Set location feature requested users to enter their location multiple times.

  • National Site:

    • Fixed bug preventing the plain language guide links from opening correctly on the  on Spanish site.

    • Fixed an issue causing the footer content to display twice.

    • Fixed bug that caused unrelated design elements (i.e.: topics) to display in the footer of the on Spanish site.

    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect text sizes on the homepage.

    • Put a survey link into the navigation bar of the site.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the metrics “Top 10 Pages” and “Visited in the last 14 days” from displaying on the Admin Dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug preventing admins from deleting a subtopic.

  • Fixed a bug causing intermittent errors on subtopic pages.

  • Fixed a bug causing some sites topics to become unordered.

  • Fixed an issue causing an error when accessing Texas PDF attachments.

  • Fixed a bug causing erroneous results on content pages.

  • Fixed a bug causing some staging data (such as regions) to display on the live site.

  • Fixed a bug causing subtopics that have been merged to appear twice on organizational profile pages.

Our tech team also conducted some data cleanup for archived non-English resources.  You may not have noticed, because this did not impact any published resources.


Our work continues on the Law Help Mobile platform.  We are currently working with, LouisianaLawHelp, and WashingtonLawHelp to launch their mobile sites.  Recently, we added third channel capacity to the homepage navigation, allowing partners to surface clinic, court or other information on their homepage. The tech team also fixed several bugs impacting site’s “email this” functionality, the display on iTouch screens, and certain deep links (which were redirecting to the full site).

As always, if you have questions about any of these notes, please contact us at  Have a great August!