Site accessibility is very important to Pro Bono Net; the LawHelp3 template conforms to both of the prevailing web accessibility standards, Section 508 and the Level A success criteria of W3C’s guidelines.  Our approach is to use these as “must-meet” benchmarks, and then to identify other issues that present obstacles, or undermine the quality of the user experience, for visitors using assistive technology or with special needs. An example of this is the investments we have made in supporting non-English mirror sites and multilingual portal pages on

Of course, this is notwithstanding any accessibility issues that might arise from content published on LH3. Earlier this month, Laura Quinn of Idealware, Rachel Margario of the Pacer Center, and Brian Rowe of LSNTAP presented on a webinar called “Improving Your Websites Accessibility.” does a great job of summarizing the webinar on their blog. Here are a few highlights of interest to LawHelp admins:

  • Make sure you have mastered usability concepts (see the LH3 blog post on usability here).
  • Try to present materials in more than one format. For example, try to caption videos with text for user who may be visually impaired.
  • Make text high contrast and legible.
  • There are a variety of tools which you can use to test your website’s accessibility, such as WAVE, the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. You can also read about other tools on the blog post.

Should you have any additional questions about accessibility on LawHelp, please contact