During the May 29th LSNTAP Auditing Your Website for Usability Issues webinar, Laura Quinn of Idealware shared some suggestions for making your site more user-friendly. Here are some helpful takeaways from the webinar for your LawHelp site:

  • When users view your homepage, they should be able to tell what you do and a few key features of your site. The homepage widget would be a good place to highlight such information. OKLAw.org does a nice job of this in their welcome widget.
  • Many users go straight to the Contact Us page. Make sure not to neglect this page. See LawHelpMN.org for ideas on what to include on this page.
  • Sometimes it is better to use more words than to be vague, especially on subtopic and topic labels.  This can help direct users to where they need to go.
  • Try to include summaries at the top of resources.
  • Chunk/group text in resources to make scanning easy. Achieve this through bullet points, bolding, and other visual highlights. See a good example of this on this resource at WashingtonLawHelp.org.
  • Take advantage of multimedia to assist with making your site more accessible. Check out some of the multimedia resources Louisiana has highlighted on their site.

Be sure to check out the full recording and a blog post on the webinar at LSNTAP.org For any usability questions specific to your LawHelp site, please contact support@lawhelp.org.