A number of printed materials have been recently released to help promote LawHelp 3 sites in various states. Some examples of the different types of printed promotional materials being used include…

  • LawHelp.org Postcards
    Produced with the help of a library outreach TIG grant, these double sided LawHelp.org Promotional Postcards have been sent to thousands of public libraries, and also have a Spanish language version.
  • LawHelp MN Posters
    Meant for display in community centers, legal services office lobbies, and other conspicuous public locations, Legal Services State Support in Minnesota  has created full color 11”x17” posters promoting their LawHelpMN site.
  • LawHelpCA Navigational Guides
    Recently released by OneJustice for LawHelpCA clients, these guides provide step by step instructions to help users quickly and efficiently find the legal resources they need. The two sided brochure highlights the topics and subtopics available on the site, as well as how to locate Lawyers or Court Programs in their areas.

Examples of these printed materials are available on SWEB, as are many other examples of postcards, mailers, and other promotional materials from LawHelp partner sites. If you have your own promotional printed materials you’d like to share, please email preynolds@probono.net