Admins are probably familiar with many of the resource modules available on LH3.  You’ve created resources that link out to other websites.  You’ve used the attachment option to upload a pdf of legal information for your users. You’ve created a FAQ, allowing users to see questions and answers in the resource itself.  Over the next few months we’ll explore some of the lesser known modules, or the modules with so much to offer, it warrants more depth than a quick start guide can offer.


Lets start off with Resource Links- a dedicated module for internal links.

Do you have a resource on non payment evictions, and you want to direct folks to more information on holdovers?  Or you have a great link to divorce forms, but you want your users to be able to ‘click here’ and get to your resource on child support without having to go back?

Resource Link Module to the rescue! You can add this module to any resource and show users related resources on your site.  It is how you can cross link resources, and yet another way package related resources.


It is as simple as clicking on the resource module button (shown above), enter a title of your choosing, and select your resource from the pull down menu (start typing the name of your resource in the smart search field, your options will narrow). You can select multiple resources, or insert multiple resource link modules.


In this case, I inserted a link to public benefits eligibility on the Application Forms for Public Assistance resource.

You’ll notice that under “Contents” there is “Link to Form” and “Are You Eligible”.  This displays when there are multiple modules associated with a resource.

You can also use this feature to link to instructions on downloading and printing forms from external websites (so long as you’ve created a resource on how to do this), link back to a resource on how to use your site, or any other resource you think would be helpful.

Happy linking!!!