This month saw several new and major improvements to the Find a Lawyer section of LH3, major and ongoing work on performance issues faced by the site, as well as the typical bug fixes and improvements.


We added a second subtopic introduction textbox to the one currently appearing on the Resources list.  You can now create a unique message for your Find a Lawyer list, or set the same message to appear on both pages.  Similarly, just as there is one channel expanded by default on your Resources list page, there is now an expanded channel on your Find a Lawyer list.

Ongoing performance work

As many of you have noted, with the launch of several additional sites on the platform this spring and growth in traffic, LH3 has experienced some major slowdowns in responsiveness during peak traffic hours. For more information on some of the performance issues and our roadmap for improvements see our last blog entry or the May 6th LawHelp Coordinators call materials.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Federal Poverty Link on organizational profiles.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing errors when saving organizational profiles on DC.

  • Fixed a bug causing unintended text to appear in some of the footer text editors.

  • Fixed a typo in organizational profiles on the public site.

  • Fixed a bug causing an error when adding an image and text to subtopic introductions.

  • Changed “Content Type” tag to “Resource Type” and fixed a bug preventing this filter from working.

National homepage fixes

  • Fixed several display issues with the interactive maps on the English and Spanish sites causing some discrepancies between the two, and state names appear outside their intended alphabetical order on the “Encontrar Ayuda” menu.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the styles menu from working on the CKEditor.

  • Translated the “You are leaving LawHelp” into Spanish.

  • Updated links to statewide website and the LHI logo.

State specific work

This month the tech team also did some specific tasks for individual state partners, including:

  • Setting up an API feed for

  • Created multiple custom reports on organizational information.

  • Added translations for a mirror site.

  • Deleted empty subtopic profiles.