As many of you have noticed and reported, LH3 has been experiencing site slowdowns recently during peak traffic hours. This issue has been caused by significantly increased traffic on LH3 with the launch of several new states this spring and growing usage overall.

These slowdowns have, understandably, been a source of frustration for many of our admins and users, and improving LH3’s speed is the top priority for our tech team right now. In addition to the recent migration to the Amazon hosting environment, we have identified areas of LH3’s application architecture that are especially impacted by the increased traffic load. Over the weekend, we released new code focused on improving the speed of public pages (this did not affect pages viewed in admin mode). This week we have made several optimizations to the site’s search indexes and caching functions, and work on a larger set of improvements in underway now on both public and admin pages. We are approaching this work in stages in order to push improvements out as quickly as possible, and to be able to measure each change against baseline performance metrics to make sure they result in faster load times at peak usage.

We will provide another update on next Tuesday’s LawHelp Coordinators call, but please feel free to reach out to me ( directly with any questions or concerns.

As always, you can also email the LH3 Help Desk ( or your PBN contact with any general admin questions or needs.