Winter has officially ended, and we are excited to report out on some of the work our tech team has done this past season.  In February we focused, among other things, on LSC reports for organizations that requested them.  In March, LawHelp NY launched on the LH3 platform (see the blog announcement here) and our tech team worked on a number of New York-specific tasks to prepare that site for launch.  We also migrated the LH3 server to the cloud-based Amazon Server. This move was a key phase in our ongoing speed and performance optimization work, and will allow us to more closely monitor and fine-tune LH3’s server environment moving forward. February and March also saw changes and refinements toñol and the new national homepage design, launched in January.  The tech team continues to work on the tool to share resources across the backend of the site, and released two additional code updates.


  • Admins can now enable websites to appear, or be hidden, in the Find a Lawyer listing through the “Enable Website Link in Organization Listing” check box.

Multilingual Support

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the translated text of “Service Types” from displaying on Spanish Mirror sites.

  • Added translation support for intake types on Spanish Mirror Sites.

  • Translated additional Directory labels into Spanish.

  • Translated versions of the Find a Lawyer & Legal Information tabs now appear on HTML Pages.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing some resources to display in unassigned channels.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error message when updating a widget on a mini-portal page.
  • Fixed several bugs on the Google Analytics Dashboard in the admin console:
    • Fixed an error preventing the the links in “Most Visited Pages” to fail to return.
    • Fixed an error causing the dashboard to not combine usage of links with different cases (e.g. vs into a single URL for reporting purposes.
    • Fixed a Google Analytics configuration error with
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the platform from updating the name of a content page when it was changed in the navigation header and the content page listing.

Have comments or questions about any of these items? Feel free to email us at or