Getting a Radio PSA on the air can be difficult, since radio stations almost always receive more PSAs then they could possibly air. To make your PSA stand out from the rest, the most important thing is to know the needs and expectations of the radio station you are submitting it to.

  • Keep their demographic in mind.

Radio stations want to keep their listeners tuned in to the station, so a PSA that is not directly relevant to a large portion of their audience is less likely to get air time. If you can tailor your PSA to a radio stations local audience, you will be much more likely to get airtime than a national campaign.

  • Give the Radio Station Options

While 30 seconds is the most common length for a radio PSA, providing a 10, 15, and 60 second version of the same PSA can allow the radio station more flexibility for fitting it into their schedule.

  • Submit Your PSA in the Correct Format

The format you are expected to submit your PSA in can vary a great deal from station to station.

Some stations may accept emailed Mp3s, others may require tapes, CDs, DVDs, or other formats. Some stations may also accept copies of the script for their DJs to read on the air. Make sure you find out what they are going to want before sending them your PSA.

By working with the radio stations and understanding what they expect from you, you can get a much greater chance at gaining air time and raising awareness for your LawHelp program. If you have questions about what stations look for in a PSA, feel free to send an email to, or visit for more info.