Our tech and program team hit the ground running in January.  On top of the five state launches and the National portal page launches, the following are the bug fixes and improvements to LH3.  

Please note- code releases will now be posted here, in our blog, rather than on the LH3 Support Portal Page.  You will be able to quickly find all the notes by searching the blog for the tag “release notes” and last years release notes will also be available here. There will be a direct link from the LH3 Support Portal Page to all the release notes, so you can view them all in one place.

Now- on to release notes!


  • Changed the information labels on intake types- prior to this improvement, if an information field was entered in any intake method, the method appears as a label (meaning the method, such as walk-in, would appear twice on a page).  Now these labels only appear once.
  • Change source code to improve Google and other search engines’ ability to index materials that are only accessible if a user enters their zip code.
  • Added a “smart” filter to the Categories tab in the Resource and Organization Managers to limit available categories to either general categories, or categories that match subtopics the item is already assigned to. Previously, all categories displayed in the drop-down menu, making it difficult to know which categories belong to which subtopics.
  • Added support for translating labels associated with organization profiles on Spanish mirror sites, for example ‘Phone number’ and ‘Service Area.’ These have been populated in Spanish by PBN staff through a master admin function and now display on any organizational profile on a Spanish mirror site, for example this profile on LawHelpMN.org.

New Resource Sharing and Import Feature (in beta mode on National LawHelp.org)

The tech team is currently working on a new feature for states to share resources with each other, and with the National Site to share content with the states (like the plain language guides mentioned on this month Coordinator Call). These new features have been developed in partnership with the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York and LawHelp/NY, with TIG funding. In January, the following bugs were fixed to prepare for the full roll out for this feature late in Q1:

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the import button from working.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain data from importing.
  • Deleted the home state of the Admin from showing (so if you are logged in as a NY user, you will not see NY) to prevent confusion and importing your own states resources.
  • Changed the created data field (the time/admin who originally created the resource) to imported data (time/admin who imported the resource).
  • Changed the resource view link to take admins to the public view, rather than the admin view.
  • Fixed a problem where the imported resource was not displayed in the target list.  Now, resources will be automatically saved in draft form until the admin publishes it to their own site.
  • Fixed an error that displayed on the Admin side when trying to modify a resource once it was shared.
  • Fixed an error occurring on the Admin side when clicking the ‘view’ icon, which was showing the list of resources, rather than the view of the resource itself.
  • Updated and removed tagging options that were not applicable to the shared resource.

Bug Fixes

Launch & State-Specific

Please note: Many of these are bugs that were fixed for states launching this month, or whose launches are coming up. However, a few were site-wide and reported by multiple states.

General Administration

  • Fixed a bug causing a discrepancy between the admin view and the public view when setting the display order of categories and channels.
  • Fixed an issue preventing complete Category lists to load and fully populate under certain conditions.

Resources Manager

  • Fixed an error that occurred when a resource module was replaced.

Organization Manager

  • Fixed a bug causing organizations to return in unassigned zipcodes on lawhelp.org/ny.
  • Fixed a bug giving an error message when viewing an Organization Summary when server reaches about 2,000 sessions.
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when some topics were selected on DC preview site.
  • Fixed a bug causing some organizational intake information to not be editable through the admin interface.


  • Fixed a site caching issue causing the wrong language labels to periodically appear on multilingual portal page.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing users on some state sites to go from the Spanish site back to the English site when they clicked on an organization with an English only profile on the Spanish site. Now users access the English only profile while staying on the Spanish version of the site.