Over the last few weeks, multiple sites have launched their new LH3 sites.  On February 5, 2013 sites using the LawHelp.org domain launched, including: South Carolina, Washington DC, Hawaii and Guam.   Just prior to that, on January 28th, Pennsylvania launched their new LH3 site.

Take a moment to check out these newly launched sites.  On South Carolina’s LH3 page, take a look at their self-help videos content page, and the video embedded on the top of their self-help forms page.  DC ‘s website highlights upcoming clinics and self-help court forms, as well as information on agencies working East of the Anacostia River in content widgets throughout their homepage.  They also utilize a portal page to provide information on the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program Community Economic Development Project.  Hawaii uses a separate issue area to highlight legal research resources on their homepage, and sidebar widgets to tell users how to access their intake program, and provides information about The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii.  Guam uses images in their widgets on the bottom of their page to highlight legal information and do it yourself forms.   Finally, Pennsylvania utilizes two sidebar widgets to highlight not only news on their homepage, but also from their greater legal network. They also use two editors on the bottom of their page to highlight special initiatives with images to draw the viewers eye to their content.

Congratulations to Kenneth Elliott and Pat Muller and South Carolina Legal Services, Mike Grunenwald and the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program, Elise von Dohlen and the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, Clyde Ulbenario and the Guam Legal Services Corporation, Hank Leone and the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc. as well as all the project staff and stakeholders who made these launches possible.

The new national portal page also launched on February 3rd, complementing the new Spanish portal page that launched in late December.  More information about these new sites will be published in a separate blog post.