On yesterday’s LawHelp Coordinators Call we announced the creation of two new reference guides for LawHelp administrators.

These “QuickStart” guides are designed to assist admins who need a fast primer (or refresher) on creating an organization profile or uploading a resource.  Each is about two pages in length, with screenshots and easy-to-follow instructions.  This is a native web-based document, with hyperlinks to more substantial trainings, as well as additional resources.   These will be made available in a downloadable and print version in the next few days.  There is an accompanying “Frequently Asked Questions” section, with hyperlinks throughout the guide to these questions.  The FAQ section will continue to be updated, additional quick start guides will be created as the need arises and these resources will be expanded on in the future.

You can find these resources on the LH3 Support Portal, beneath “Need Help in a Hurry?”  You can also find the guide to organizations here and the guide to resources here.

Special thanks to Legal Assistance of Western New York.  LawNY uses the QuickStart guide format to train new advocates in substantive areas of the law such as evictions and foreclosures, and inspired the use of this format.

If you have questions on the resources themselves, or if you have ideas on additional resources we can create, please do not hesitate to email these to support@lawhelp.org or xkarsten@probono.net.