Part Two- Positional Ordering

Do you want “General Eviction Information” to always appear at the top of your housing subtopic page?  Or control over which organization your users see first when searching for adoption law in Whiteacre?

The LH3 Platform allows you to position resources and organizations in just a few steps.  There are three ways to order: positional ordering, star ranking, and alphanumeric ordering.  If you do nothing, resources and organizations will appear in alphanumeric order (it is the platform default).  However, if you want to control which items appear first, you can use positional ordering to set a specific location on a page, and star ranking to generally rank an item in relation to other items on your page.

What is Positional Ordering?

Positional ordering allows you designate a slot to a resource or organization in a list. For example, you can set the booklet “General Divorce Information” as the first resource on your family law subtopic page.

Please note: this works on resource pages, and in the organization results for “Search Legal Directory.”  Currently, there is no positional ordering for:

  • Keyword search results and language resource portal pages. (Keyword search results use a combination of relevance and rating factors and resource lists on language portal pages are alphanumeric.)
  • Legal Directory A-Z (which is only sorted alphanumerically) and Search Legal Directory by Service Area (sorted by star ranking then alphanumerically).

What is Star Ranking?

Star ranking is a general ranking designation, which allows you to rate a resource or organizations by stars (1 star is the least relevant, 5 stars is the most relevant).  The more stars, the higher on the list the item will be displayed.  Star ranking was discussed in Ranking Your Resources- Part I.

How to Positionally Order a Resource or Organization

Positional ordering is accessed through the front end of your site.

  1. Go to your website, log in as an admin, and navigate to the resource or organization list you want to order
  1. Below the “Print” button is the Order Button.  It looks like this:
  1. Click on this button and below each individual resource a grey panel will appear, with the option to order the resource and the star rating.

Note: you can change the star rating here, or on the individual resource page, but this is the only place you can change the positional ordering.

  1. Select the position you want the resource to appear, (and/or change the star ranking), when your done press the Order Button (), hit the refresh button in your browser, and you’re done!

Tips and Need To Knows

You only have as many ranking positions as you have resources.

  • If you have 13 resources, you only have slots 1 through 13.

All positioned items are shown together, followed by all unpositioned items.

  • You cannot assign a resource to the 13th slot unless you have assigned resources to slots 1-12.  If you assign just slots 1 to 4 and slot 13, the 13th resource will show up in slot 5, not slot 13.

You can have two items with the same position.  These items will be ordered by star ranking, the alphanumerically.  The platform will not re-rank the subsequent items, you will have to do that.

  • If you rank all 13 resources, and want to add a 14th resource in slot 10, you’ll either leave two resources in the same slot or manually re-rank slots 11-14.

Best Practices

We suggest you choose one of the following best practices to ensure cohesive ranking:

  • Use star ranking first, to create tiers of resources or organizations, and refine the ranking later with positional ordering; or
  • Positionally order the first 3 to 5 resources or organizations to get an exact placement.  Then either star rank the rest or let the platform alphanumerically rank them.

Regardless of what you decide to do, it will be helpful to have a written scheme of how you will rank incoming resources and organizations.  This way, as your site and your team change your ranking system will maintain its continuity. If you’d like a chance to talk through your ranking structure, or have further questions feel free to contact us at

Happy ranking!