Part I- Star Ranking

Would that Housing Handbook with 25 pages on tenants rights, and 1 paragraph on foreclosures, be more relevant to Evictions than Foreclosures?  Or would an organization focused on Family Law, that does some Consumer work on the side, be more helpful to folks trying to get a divorce?  Do you want your site to reflect that?

Star ranking can help!  Generally, the LawHelp3 Platform ranks resources in three ways, positional ordering, star ranking and alphanumerically.  The default is alphanumeric, so if you don’t do anything, resources and organizations will be listed in alphabetical order.  You can dedicate a specific slot on your page to a resource or organization with positional ordering (covered in a later blog post).  The focus of this blog entry is the star ranking.

What is Star Ranking?
Star ranking allows you to rate a resource or organization by stars (1 star is the least relevant, 5 stars is the most relevant).  This creates a tiered system across your resources and organizations.  The more stars, the higher on the list the item will be displayed.  Your 5 star items will be displayed first, in alphabetical order, followed by 4 star items, 3 star items etc.

Star ranking is the easiest way to rank your items, and it works across different areas of the site. For example, a resource can have a 4 star rank on a subtopic results page, but a 5 star rank within a specific category in that subtopic. Please note, star ranking will not impact the “Legal Organizations A-Z.”  This can only be viewed in alphanumeric order.

What is Positional Ordering?
Positional Ordering is a way of specifying exactly what position (first, second, third etc) you want an item to appear.  We will cover positional ordering in a subsequent blog entry.

How to Star Rank a Resource or Organization
You can star rank a resource or an organization in two places, when you first upload or create the item or through the front end, at the list of resources or organizations.

Rank while Creating a New Item

  1. Create a new resource or organization

  1. Upload your content.
  1. You can star rank the following areas in both resources and organizations: Topics, Categories, Areas and Tags.  These appear in tabs across the top of the upload window.Below is an example for the Categories tab.  It is the same of Topics, Areas and Tags:When you first click on the tab, the following will appear:
    Select which channel and category you wish the Resource to appear in, and the star ranking option will appear for every selected category.


You can now rank your resource or organization.  If your resource is very relevant to Black Lung Disease (as displayed above), it may have a 5 star ranking for that subtopic, but it may only have basic or general information on Choosing a Health Plan, warranting a 3 star ranking.  You can set different ranking for individual categories, topics, areas and tags.

Front End Star Ranking

  1. Go to your website, log in as an admin, and navigate to the resource or organization list you want to rank.
  1. Below the “Print” button is the Order Button.  It looks like this:


  1. Click on this button and below each individual resource a grey panel will appear, with the option to star rank or positionally order the item.

  1. Select the ranking your want (1 through 5 stars) for your item, when you’re finished press the Order Button (), hit the refresh button in your browser, and you’re done!

That is essentially all you need to do.  We will have ranking “best practices” in the next blog entry.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

Happy Ranking!