The new RSS feature on LH3 allows you to set-up a special widget on your state homepage that pulls in the most recently published content from another site’s active RSS feed. It is a great way of integrating outside content onto your site, and is a nice alternative to linking out to another site.

Here is an example of the RSS feed from integrated with an LH3 site:

Once PBN has configured the RSS feature on your site, you can edit the title of the update by clicking on the editor icon, which you will see on the homepage when logged into the site as an admin. You can add the RSS URL (which you will need to grab from the external site) and also set the number of items to show. Click “Save,” refresh the page, and you will have new, external content dynamically pulled onto your LawHelp3 site!

To have an RSS widget configured on your site, email or get in touch with your PBN contact.